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  • “This webinar was excellent! Other self-care webinars share similar information/ideas, but never really break through attendees’ I’m-fine facade. I convinced two [incomplete what does this mean? direct reports] to attend (both worry about everyone but themselves). We had a group chat on Microsoft Teams while we watched ‘together.’ Every topic was absolutely on point. Sometimes being called on your ‘stuff’ is very helpful. :) This presenter was a gem!”
  • “Best webinar I’ve participated in all year!”
  • “Thank you for the URLs and handouts to support learning after the webinar. Please invite the speaker [Lamarr] back to continue this conversation.”
  • “The speaker [Lamarr] was excellent. He hit so many matters that plague us when we forget to take care of ourselves. I would love to hear him speak on this subject again because mental health really needs attention.”
  • “Just what I needed! I’m so glad it caught my eye, and I followed through on doing it!” 
  • “Lamarr was an excellent presenter. I appreciated his calm demeanor and helpful tips, especially the ability to ask questions at the end. I appreciated the ability to download materials and recording, which I plan to share with colleagues. The topic hit the nail on the head.”

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